I have been fortunate to have had the chance to work/collaborate/share useful data/write papers with the following people:

Frank Jiggins (University of Cambridge)
Darren Obbard (University of Edinburgh)
Lena Wilfert (University of Exeter)
Jarrod Hadfield (University of Edinburgh)
Pedro Vale (University of Edinburgh)
John Welch (University of Cambridge)
Mike Brockhurst (University of York)
Colin Russell (University of Cambridge)
Philipe Lemey (KU Leuven)
Luis Teixeira (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal)
Greg Hurst (University of Liverpool)
Casper Breuker (Oxford Brookes)
Melanie Gibbs (CEH)
Maaike de Jong (University of Bristol)
Rodrigo Cogni (University of São Paulo)
Chuan Cao (University of Cambridge)
Julien Martinez (University of Cambridge)
Jon Day (Research Assistant supremo, University of Cambridge)

Other links
Cambridge Evolutionary Genetics
Cambridge Infectious Diseases
BES parasite ecology and evolution special interest group


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